The Matrix

Release Detail
Format: CD
Released: January 27, 2009
Label: Let's Hear It
Country: USA
Track: 10
Barcode: 884501096300


01. You Miss Me (feat. Katy Perry & Adam Longlands)
02. Broken (feat. Katy Perry)
03. Damn (feat. Katy Perry)
04. Take A Walk (feat. Adam Longlands & Katy Perry)
05. Just a Song (feat. Katy Perry)
06. I Love You (feat. Adam Longlands)
07. Live Before I Die (feat. Adam Longlands)
08. Would You Care (feat. Katy Perry)
09. Seen That Done That (feat. Adam Longlands)
10. Stay With Me (feat. Adam Longlands & Katy Perry)